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Rice Reprocessing Plants

Diversity of rice from different rice mills and different parts of the Kingdom will be sent to rice reprocessing plants owned by rice exporters so as to up-grade them to international standard.

Thailand is recognized as the world’s leading rice exporter whose quality is un-surpassed in the market. With decades old experiences in building rice mills and reprocessing plants in the kingdom of Thailand, N-Line plays one of the leading role in helping thai rice achieve its global status.

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Rice Milling Plants

N-Line has recognized over the years that all rice milling equipments have both their advantages and shortcomings. The best way to build a rice mill especially a big one is for the owner to select for the best of its kind from different manufacturers and has N-Line combine them together to form one complete plant.

Riceland International Co.,Ltd, World Grain Co.,Ltd., and President Agri Trading Co., are prime examples of N-Line’s clients who have availed themselves of our experience in designing plants with over 500 MT per day milling capacity.

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Rice Parboiling Plants

N-Line has designed, engineered and supplied the first significant breakthrough in parboiling plant automation through it’s creation of a process whereby rice moves continuously from conditioning, steaming, de-humidfying and finally drying in a series of vertical dryers.

The efficiencies of the N-Line designed systems allow the plant operator to control completely the out flowing rice color etc rather than to depend on the inconsistent traditional batch type systems.

Seed Plants 

Because of vitality in germination rate, seed needs utmost care in handling, processing and drying.N-Line accumulates expertises in several seed plant, corn, paddy, soybean etc. We built double pass ear corn drier as well as seed grain drier for Monsanto and Pioneer in Thailand.

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