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  Energy from Biomass - reliable, economical, renewable

Lawi - N Power Co.,Ltd , is joint venture company by Lawi - Engineering GmbH (Germany) and N-Line Agro International Co.,Ltd.

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Multi-Fuel Design Concept
The flexibility of fuel and combustion quality is outstanding feature given by LAWI furnace design. The sectional flexible grate speed and air quantity which is controlled by an advanced PLC control adjust the equipment parameters specifically to the different fuel types. The well developed combustion chamber design allows safe ignition, combustion of the fuels and a homogenous flue gas composition. This important figure enable usage of wide ranges of biomass fuel for example rice husk, corncob, palm empty fruit bunch, coconut shell etc.

Boiler Efficiency
Boiler efficiency is mainly effected by recirculation gas design. A huge part of the flue gas will be taken back to the furnace to reduce the flue gas quantity at stack. As a result, the boiler efficiency can be significantly increased around 7–10 %. Furthermore, the flue gas quantity passing through dust collecting system, ID fan and stack can be reduced by approx. 30 % result in downsizing of the equipments.

Plant Reliability
Plant reliability is vitally effected by fuel feeding, moving grate and grate ash handling system. Conveyors in both fuel and grate ash handling system must be safely designed with particular reinforcements at areas of high material wear. Redundant fuel feeding, fuel dosing and moving grate concept is a normal practice. The complete fuel transport from furnace fuel intake via moving grate until ash outlet is in multiple lines designed. All lines can be independently operated. In case that one line is shut down, the other lines can still be operated at approx. 60% load.

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